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THIA MEGIA in Manila, A Fans Day Event

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A message in behalf of the Admins of THIAnatics

September 29, 2011

Exactly one week ago, THIAnatics' dream CAME TRUE.. we finally had the chance to be with our Princess Thia Megia up close and personal. Just like any other fan, my world became unreal for awhile, thinking this might just a dream, if so, i don't want to wake up anymore. It was a very very busy day last Sept. 22, 2011 at Potofino Alabang Clubhouse. Everyone's so excited to finally meet Thia for real. It was mixed emotions. I was so happy, excited and nervous at the same time. All im hoping for was to make everything set for the event. With the help  and effort of the organizers, everything went well, though there were lapses, what matters the most, everyone was so happy especially Thia and her family.

 Words are not enough to THANK everyone who supported this event. To all THIAnatics worldwide..THANK YOU SO MUCH. To Lising/Megia family who went to the event, so glad to finally met all of you. And of course, to our dear THIALOREI LISING MEGIA, that despite her busy schedule and for being tired, she gave her time to be with us on that memorable day. To Mommy Cynthia Megia, you're AMAZING! You became an instant Mom to every THIAnatic. To Liadona Megia, you are absolutely GREAT, we felt how much u appreciate everything we've done for Thia, and for that..THANK YOU SO MUCH ( a fan page for Lia in the making? =>  )   and to Felipe Henao, such an honor to finally met you, thank you so much. 

This is just a start of something BIG for everyone. We are here not just a fan but as a FAMILY. We may had problems along the way, but it's there to make us hold on and forever and always support and love Thia. We maybe from different groups, but at the end of the day, WE ALL LOVE THIA!

From the bottom of my heart and in behalf of the administrators of THIAnatics...THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Looking forward to have another event in the future... WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH THIA...THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!! WE WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER SUPPORT AND LOVE YOU!


Yours truly,

Mars Garupa Tenoso

Dubai, UAE 

Thia Megia in Manila..a fans day event Sept. 22, 2011






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